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Playing against a friend who’s new to the game


When they start winning



         ”So then,
                     what’s the next thing j’you wish for?”

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{ Shh. You shush now. Panickedsqueakingnoises. }

[Can’t stop won’t stop, can’t make me either~]



{ Totally not blushing; you fool. Shhhhh. }

[I’m not blind like Senri~ You totally are.  It’stotallycutetbh]


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{ You shhhhhh. Both of you, shhhhh. }

[Oh gosh you’re blushing? Perfect~]

✃—- Sour Apples —-❧



{ ❦ } Acknowledging her words, the maroon-haired demon nodded. Ebony tail uncurling from her wrist. “…Come on; I’ll show you to my home.” As he stated those words; he turned, and outstretched his hand to her. Promptly planting his palm underneath hers; which was not much of a distance. Hopefully, she would take his hand without a question about it—but he doubted that much.

"So…what sort of apple delicacies can you make?" Of course, that’d be his next statement.

Reflexively his hand was taken… 
it was easier to be guided than to wander about aimlessly.
Fluttering feelings however were certainly kept to herself,  but it was wonderfully and strangely pleasant to hold his hand.

"Mn, anything I want really… I like making pasta dishes for lunch, I’ll always make some extra tarts to travel with and snack on later… It really depends on what I have and what I want at the moment." Flexibility was required and she worked with just about anything for a long time…


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