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i drew the bae~ <3

“I don’t like the person I’ve become;
I don’t like what the sadness has done to me.”
—(68/365) by (DS)


The words he could never say.

Wadda feels today ;;;;; ofc I had to draw my fav octopus


  、ゞヾ ’ “”“ ’;,
 ヾ       彡    
  ミ  ● ω ●   ミ  
~彡         ミ    
 /ソ„ , , „, ,、 ,・ヾ`

~*~My sweater now ~*~

"Lost, j’your sweater is big on me…"

[I wanted this to be a comic originally but too motivated by angst art to do anything more orz]

[for: astrxydxmon]


In the past, Kcalb and Etihw were opponent. 

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